St Ann's Catholic Church



St Ann "Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4)"

A sincere and warm welcome to all our parishioners and visitors who worship and praise God together at St. Ann's Parish, Kingston Hill, Surrey.

If you are new to the parish do please introduce yourself to the Parish Priest.  

A message for summer – reserving moments for God:

"He who neglects contemplation is deprived of the vision of the light of God; he who is carried away with worry and allows his thoughts to be crushed by the tumult of the things of the world is condemned to the absolute impossibility of penetrating the secrets of the invisible God."

"While at work, with its frenetic rhythms, and during vacation, we have to reserve moments for God. [We have to] open our lives up to him, directing a thought to him, a reflection, a brief prayer. "And above all, we must not forget that Sunday is the day of Our Lord, the day of the liturgy, [the day] to perceive in the beauty of our churches, in the sacred music and in the Word of God, the same beauty of our God, allowing him to enter into our being". (Pope Benedict)

Daily Verse of the day from the Gospel



New members of our parish

Welcome to St. Ann’s Parish. Please feel free to introduce yourself to Fr. Michael after Mass or just call in at the presbytery, or pick up a new Parishioner Registration Form from the back of the Church or website.


A United Church
A united Church one in God.