St Ann's Catholic Church


Feast Of St. Ann's

We will be celebrating our Annual Parish BBQ to honour our Patron, St. Ann

On 14th June 2015 starting after the 10.30 a.m. Mass (which will be the only Mass on the day) and ending around 2.00p.m.

Celebrating the Feast of St. Ann in June allows us to include those parishioners who tend to be away in the last week of July.

The Feast will also be commemorated on 26th July 2015.

We have decided to provide the meat and bread for the BBQ to ensure we have enough and for health reasons.

We are still depending on parishioners to donate soft drinks, wine, beer, salad and desserts and there will be a list at the back of the church for you to indicate what you will be bringing.

There is a task rota for the day at the back of the Church and your generosity in volunteering will be most helpful.

A raffle will be held and your contributions for prizes would be much appreciated.